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July 01 2013


Old Young Lesbian Love - Mature Romance

The reason Betty tends to hang out with older women is the maturity of their relationship. An older lover doesn't whine, knows what she wants, and can handle an affair like this on its place. And, to be fully honest, a mature woman knows her way around a

Club Sandy - Exhibitionist

She gets off on attention. She likes to flash publicly. She turns on if someone watches her doing her private things. That's hot little Paula Braun, a total exhibitionist, and let's face it, she has the body to be shameless. Today's show is for you and a

June 30 2013


Mighty Mistress - Natural Born Fuckers

Mira and Antonio are clearly psychos, thrashes of the society. A crazed couple entertaining themselves with the most violent pleasures. When they drag away another couple to their hideout, things turn hellish for Lyen and Nick, and they have to submit to

June 29 2013


June 28 2013


June 27 2013


June 26 2013


Club Sandy - With kisses like that...

With kisses like that Erica Fox could melt icebergs, no question about it. Her lips was made to kiss (anywhere), and she captures Bailey Ryder's heart the first time they meet. Bailey has a soft spot for foxy girls anyway, so Erica has an easy time to se

Cuties Galore - Giant sex toys

Sometimes, when our cuties get bored, they tried to entertain themselves to going further than usual. Instead of teasing themselves with their fingers or regular dildos, they made a competition to find the biggest toys available and fuck their pussies in

Lusty Grandmas - She knows what she wants

Tomi had the chance to wet his cock in many grandmas, making those mature twats flooding with honey again. His next partner, Evelin is quite an active grandma. She doesn't need to get into practice again, because she knows exactly what she wants, and how

June 25 2013


Nude Fight Club - Favourite Matches

Like in every sports, catfighting has its better or worse matches. Although it is always subjective if one finds a match good or bad, there are always some favorites loved by many. We picked some of the fan favorites (and our owns) into a compilation, in

June 24 2013


Club Sandy - Vivid Fantasy

Candice Luca has a vivid fantasy, especially when it comes to sensuality and sex. Armed with this talent and her favorite dildo, she has a fantastic time as often as she wants. Of course the very fact you watching her helps a lot, adding more to the exci

June 23 2013


Anal Teen Angels - Best creampies

The anal teens gave us some very exciting scenes throughout the years, offering their lovely asses in the service of our entertainment... and we are grateful for it. Keeping that in mind, we picked some of the most enthralling anal creampie moments and p

Mighty Mistress - The Godmother returns - part 3

Ruthless, lusty and beautiful. The Godmother is back to lead the Family to success, trying to avoid the web of lies and intrigues. If she has to go to the very end and sexually discipline, humiliate and control, then she will do it. After all, two can pl

June 22 2013


Footsie Babes - Good neighbors

Lovely Cameron just moved into her new apartment, and she thinks it would be nice to introduce herself to the neighbor. So she arms herself with a plateful of muffins, and knocks over to the neighbor. The handsome guy from next door happy to see Cameron,

DPFanatics - Caught red handed

Naughty Barra! She cannot control her own urges and seduces the repair guy between her silky thighs. Of course the poor guy cannot resist, who would say no to a smooth pussy like that? But what happens when the husband comes home and catch her wife red h

Club Sandy - All the good things...

There are so many good things to live for, that is Jessa's motto. She is a positive, cheerful and definitely beautiful girl who loves to live her life full of excitement and adventures. But of all the things in life she loves sex the most. So she takes e

June 21 2013


Asshole fever - Enslaving Beauty

Lina Napoli turned countless men into a drooling wreck with her mesmerizing beauty, and she has an easy time to bend Toby around her finger. Don't get us wrong, she means no bad. It is her beauty that enthralls and enslaves men and the very fact that she

June 19 2013


Lusty Grandmas - Deflowered.... again!

Norma looks great in her flowery dress, but Leslie loves her even more without it. So he removes those flowers (deflowers her, so to say) to reveal the well-seasoned body just to fuck it from every direction. Norma is happy with the way younger cock, suc

Club Sandy - Wet wishes

Victoria and Jess both had their secret, exciting wishes they didn't share with anyone... until now. But today the two hot blondes share these desires with each other, and luckily, with us too. These dreams are quite hot, mind you, so don't blush when yo
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